Our partners’ generosity in time and finance allows us to offer our sessions to schools free. Our vision is to grow the work nationally, for which we need your help.

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“The professionalism, vision, deep Christian thinking and sheer fun with which REinspired work are exemplary, and impacts on thousands of pupils. The charity has developed a strong model for replicating this quality work, which has the potential to scale up to a much larger scale, becoming a national initiative.”

Lat Blaylock
RE Today Editor

There are two ways that you can help us achieve our vision for growth – to join us as a volunteer or as a donor.


“This is the easiest project to be a volunteer for. You’re able to deliver a really high quality session for children. REinspired is really good at investing in its volunteers, investing in good materials and in training. You get to see material about faith and education come alive. It’s wonderful to see.”

Revd Ben Kautzer


Why volunteering for REinspired is a fulfilling experience:

  • You will use excellent, well thought through materials.
  • Very often the Team Leader has prepared the materials in advance, enabling time volunteering to focus on the children and young people.
  • Regular training days give the opportunity to learn new material and share common issues.
  • Volunteers interact with small groups of pupils, which greatly helps in creating an immediate rapport.
  • The school staff present tackle any classroom management issues, leaving volunteers free to engage with the pupils.
  • With each session broken down into small chunks of different activities the pupils are stimulated and engaged.
  • The structured framework of the REinspired model means that you are supported through the necessary administrative and child protection processes.
  • Although often coming from different churches, volunteers soon mould into supportive teams.
  • Working with children and young people is great fun! No pupil or group are the same, which keeps it fresh and stimulating.

Interested in being a volunteer? If you don’t already have a local group to belong to, click here to contact us and as new groups form we will tell you where your nearest one is.

If you want to support us financially, whether through a one-off donation or by regular giving, there are various easy ways in which to do this:

One-off donations

If you’d like to make a contribution to support our work you can visit our just giving page, or send bank transfers or cheques to us. Or you can click the donate button below to give a one off donation.

Friends of REinspired
If you want to support our work growing the awareness of the Christian faith amongst children and young people, you could become a Friend of REinspired. By giving from £5 a month our community of Friends make a significant contribution to the extension of this work nationally.

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Other ways to give
Maybe you are in a position to make a more substantial donation for our local work and national growth. If you would like to find out more about our work as well as plans for future initiatives that need sponsorship, and how to ensure your giving is tax efficient, please contact us.

Our work is funded from:

  • Individual donors
  • Local churches
  • Local and national grant-making bodies
  • Many of the schools we work with value what we do enough to give us an annual donation.

We also have a small revenue stream from the training and consultancy services provided to churches and other Christian organisations.


Individuals and local churches


Grants and Organisations

We really appreciate the support from many grant givers that has taken us to where we are today. These include:
lauderdale trust donate
culham st gabriels
englefield estate
Jerusalem trust donate