“We’re not here to change what you believe but to share with you what Christians believe.”

Statement at the start of every REinspired session

How can REinspired help your school?

RE can be a difficult subject to teach. In today’s multi-faith society staff can be uncertain how to make it exciting and relevant, especially for those without that subject specific background.

That’s where our methodology can help. By letting Christians who understand and respect the educational agenda explain what Christians believe and their own personal experience of faith with enthusiasm and creativity, your role changes.

Rather than having to be RE subject matter experts, teachers can focus on helping children to learn from these encounters. They can challenge what’s been said, encourage reflection, compare and contrast, and assess learning outcomes more objectively.

The idea of local churches working in partnership with local schools is a crucial part of this approach.

How does it relate to the RE syllabus?

With RE being a compulsory subject but not part of the national curriculum it is taught according to a locally agreed RE scheme of work. Sometimes these follow models that are being adopted across the country, such as Understanding Christianity or Discovery.

Our sessions are designed to deliver aspects of your RE syllabus. They can easily be adapted, if not used as-is, for any local RE syllabus.

Our approach is to stimulate thinking in a creative way, rather than provide easy or pat answers. Where an opinion is given, it is in the context of ‘this is what a Christian might say’, with an invitation to challenge and discuss.

RE lessons in schools values

“REinspired does exactly what it says on the tin. In our schools it has given encouragement to our teachers to explore issues of faith and culture by giving living examples of faith. The work is always scrupulously researched and inclusive. They have made a tremendous contribution to RE in Reading.”

Alfie Hay

Former General Adviser for Education to Reading Borough Council

Benefits for schools working with REinspired

  • Brings RE to life in a balanced and creative way.
  • Interactive and engaging sessions delivered by staff and volunteers from local churches.
  • Sessions complement locally agreed RE syllabus, Understanding Christianity and Discovery.
  • Material can be easily tailored to meet a school’s syllabus and timetabling needs. Sessions usually last between 30 and 90 minutes.
  • Age specific content ranging from Foundation to KS4.
  • Variety of delivery methodology to cover a wide spectrum of learning styles.
  • Rather than having to be RE subject matter experts, teachers can focus on helping pupils learn from these encounters. They can encourage them to reflect, compare and contrast and assess learning outcomes more objectively.
  • Having delegated the leading of the session to the REinspired team, school staff can observe their pupils in a different context.
  • Using well thought through material, pupils can explore sensitive topics in a supportive and caring environment.
  • Sessions generate material which staff frequently build on when back in class.
  • By giving a high priority to issues such as child and data protection the school can be assured of pupils’ safety and well-being.
  • Offers opportunities for visits to local churches.
  • Establishes partnerships with local churches which can have wider benefits for schools.
  • No upfront costs, though schools frequently make a donation to subsidise materials.

“I have been working with REinspired since 2012 and they currently support topics for Year7, 8, 12 and 13. REinspired ask us what we need to enhance our curriculum and then tailor sessions to suit. REinspired sessions are engaging and provide stimulus for some excellent discussions. Students remember the sessions and I’d thoroughly recommend them.”

Sian Jones

Head of Religion and Philosophy, Maiden Erlegh School

“REinspired sessions are age appropriate, well-structured, and really help cover a lot of material. The children are always engaged, even our most troubled and challenging children. We judge our curriculum on what children know, remember, and do. I have always found that our children are able to recall key elements from the Christianity units, where REinspired have been involved. What they provide is memorable and thought-provoking. I recommend REinspired and feel they are an invaluable way in which we not only provide for our RE curriculum but build a school who works with our local community to help children explore and discover their own faith and those of others. ”

Mrs Ali Crooks

Headteacher, New Christ Church Primary School

Would you like to use REinspired in your school?

If you have a contact with a local church then ask them about it. If you don’t, click on this link to contact us and we will discuss your needs.