What happens at a Funeral? Different styles/traditions within the Christian Church are discussed. What Christians believe happens ‘next’ – hope of heaven.

Impact of the death and resurrection of Jesus is covered and what this means for Christians.

Three workshops, to consider:

1. Our personal response to a death – Grief. Christian perspective on life and death and the life to come. That we are only here for a ‘season’, ‘on loan’ as it were. Life on earth is only part of our journey. Progression from grief to thanks giving.

2. What do we do to mark a person’s death? Also consider ‘how do we want to be remembered’ – Legacy. How this influences how we live now.

3. Journeying on. Story telling – ‘Water bugs and Dragonflies’. A story to illustrate what happens next. New life, a hope of heaven, nothing to be frightened of, a natural progression. Craft activity.

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