If you’ve read the book, you’ll have a good idea what REinspired is all about – what we do, how we do it and why we do it that way.  While it is true as we say in the book that ‘it’s not rocket science’, neither is it simply a matter of printing our session plans, giving them to a teacher and asking when you can deliver them!  A long term relationship needs good foundations and if that’s what you are seeking with schools it’s crucial to get it right from the start.

You may be confident you know all you need to get started, if so, that’s great. We’d really like to hear how it goes, what works for you, and what you do differently. Contact us with your feedback to our email address below.

Either way, we can help you through our training and mentoring programmes. We’ve been delivering RE sessions and building relationships with our local schools for over a decade. Whether you are approaching a school for the first time or you are searching for ideas for a particular topic we can probably help.

And, we offer several open training days in Reading:

Taster Day

This is a one–day training session that’s designed to help you catch the vision, understand the method, and decide whether it’s right for your church. During the day you will get to experience and reflect on some typical REinspired sessions and see how we set about developing a session.

Getting Started

This is a one–day training session that’s designed to help you get started with finding your volunteers, approaching schools, making sure everybody understands what it’s about, and becoming familiar with preparing for and delivering a primary session.

Basic Sessions

During this practical one-day training session you get to experience some of our non-seasonal sessions, and share and develop ideas for adapting our sessions for your needs, and practice delivering parts of these sessions.

We offer and deliver training for seasonal sessions covering Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter and you can view and read some of these in our Session Plans section.

We are also happy to deliver one of these training days or one tailored for your needs at your venue, either as an open event or just for your church.

Contact us for more information about any of these training days.


We recognise that training only helps so much. As you start to meet with teachers and deliver sessions you will have lots of questions. You’ll be asked to deliver topics we don’t cover in our session plans, you’ll have some feedback you don’t know how to address, you’ll be stuck for ideas, you may lack confidence in delivering a particular topic. That’s where our quick start and mentoring programmes can help:

Quick start

We can provide an experienced REinspired team leader, session resources, and equipment you need to help you get started. By phone, email or face-to-face; we can be there to help you at every step:

  • From making a case to local churches and schools to explaining the session plans to the RE Coordinators in schools
  • From getting to grips with your local RE syllabus to delivering your first session
  • From preparing for sessions to reflecting on sessions
  • From dealing with volunteers to dealing with difficult topics.

It’s best if you have somebody local to start building relationships and lead your first sessions that we can work with – but if necessary we can be more active in leading a proof-of-concept demonstration.


If you’ve been on our training course, you’ve signed up to our values and you are trying to make it work. If you need more support you can also sign up for our mentoring programme.

Our mentoring programme provides on-going support by phone, email or online. Just get in touch with your questions or issues and we’ll be pleased to help. We can also tailor our session plans, activities and resources for your needs and even develop new ones with you. If it will help we can visit you too.

Training Events

1. Volunteer Training

We love seeing our volunteers learn the tips and techniques we use in our sessions :: it can really help when leading a small group of children in the session.  The training focusses on the sessions in the term ahead and there are three training sessions each year.

Training this Spring term centred on our Easter sessions but volunteers had surprises in store :: read about what went on!

Our Autumn training was on Thursday 14 September :: Read about the prayer stations and the three topics the volunteers had practice on.  And earlier in the year, ready for the summer term, was on Friday 28 April :: Read what went on!

One of our volunteers, a retired teacher, said, “I think I have been to every one of these since I joined (11) and there has not been a dud one yet! Each one is so relevant to what we are about to do in school … I have been a teacher all my life and these are better than any of the inset training sessions we ever did”

The next volunteer training session for Earley & East Reading will be in September :: date to be announced soon…. come and join us and for some lunch too!

2. Come and See our Sessions

You are invited to come and see our sessions. The postcard gives dates of every session in Spring’s half- term, up to Easter, and also indicates the year group. We look forward to meeting you soon.