We do not charge for the work we do for schools. It is a gift from the churches. However, many of the schools we work with value what we do enough to give us an annual donation.

Our work is funded from three main sources:

  1. Individual donors
  2. Local churches
  3. Local and national grant-making bodies

We also have a small revenue stream from the training and consultancy services provided to churches and other Christian organisations.

Around 40% of our funding has come from individuals and local churches. The other 60% has come from grants from organisations including:

  • The Jerusalem Trust
  • Southern Counties Baptist Association
  • Edgar Milward Charity
  • Englefield Charitable Trust
  • Church Community Fund
  • Kiriath Trust
  • Bayne Benefaction
  • Sarum St Michael Educational Charity
  • The Culham Educational Foundation
  • St Lawrence Land Trust

We are profoundly grateful to all who have funded our work in the past and to those who continue to do so.


We recognise that grant-making trusts often want to fund work that will bring about specific changes in practice and capability and that there will be tangible results after their involvement ends. Similarly, our aim is for each REinspired project to be financially sustainable, including our original project in Earley and East Reading, which we now seek to fund locally. This local project and our work in helping to establish and support other projects using the REinspired methodology are managed independently, so when you choose to support us you can be sure your money will be used appropriately.

If you would like to find out how your organisation could help to fund one of our initiatives – from sponsoring the first year of a new project in a new location to developing web-based resources to support projects using the REinspired methodology – please contact us at the address at the bottom of the page.


If you want to support us financially, whether through a one-off donation or by regular giving, there are various easy ways in which to do this:

Friends of REinspired

If you want to support our work on the ground in Earley and East Reading, please consider becoming a friend. If you can contribute just £5 (or more) a month, you will help to secure the continued delivery of sessions and meet the growing demand from schools in Reading and Earley. With 200 friends, we will have more diverse funding and an extra £12,000 a year.

Application form

Other ways to give

Maybe you are in a position to make a more substantial donation, an ongoing contribution or leave a legacy in your will. If you would like to find out more about our work as well as plans for future initiatives that need sponsorship, and how to ensure your giving is tax efficient, please contact us.