From Revd Rob Weston

When I moved to Reading, in 2003, I was delighted to find a schools’ work project that was established and of high quality. Immediately, I offered to join a team and found myself learning from Catholics, charismatics and people from the Salvation Army. It was great fun too; I met a young children’s worker called Pete, who had worked for the Ministry Of Defence before a change in career – we shared the same sense of humour.

It was a joy to work with Pete and others in finding ways to help young people understand spirituality without the long theological words and Christian jargon. I’d just spent four years in theological training and ministerial formation, so I knew that what we were doing was a form of Contextual Theology. We were finding ways to communicate ideas that are both mysterious and deep, without making things simplistic, bland or meaningless. We were demonstrating that Christians don’t agree on every single matter of doctrine or practice, but can work together to demonstrate grace, respect and inclusion and, importantly, we were enjoying sharing something that was important and precious in our lives.

The REinspired project has developed and grown and in my new role in another part of the country I shall look to, at some point, expand REinspired and see it working there.

Rob Weston