Why children love REinspired

Teachers and pupils at the schools we work with absolutely love the RE sessions we deliver for them where pupils love learning about Christianity from the inside and teachers see the benefits of this way of learning. It works because of our partnership approach between local churches and schools.
The idea of local churches working with local schools is a crucial element in our methodology.

Take a look at what we do – come and see us in action, browse the site or read the book. If you like what you see we’d be pleased to help your local churches to do for you what we do for schools in Earley and East Reading.

What are the benefits of working with REinspired?

We know many teachers struggle to make RE live up to its potential as an exciting subject. Maybe it’s perceived as a low priority in your school. Maybe you lack confidence because you’re not a religious person and the concepts are new to you. Maybe you are a Christian but you hold back your enthusiasm to avoid influencing your pupils’ beliefs.

That’s where our methodology can help. By letting Christians who understand and respect the educational agenda explain what Christians believe and their own personal experience of faith with enthusiasm and creativity, your role changes.

Rather than having to be RE subject matter experts, teachers can focus on helping children to learn from these encounters. They can challenge what’s been said, encourage reflection, compare and contrast, and assess learning outcomes more objectively.

RE Curriculum

RE is a compulsory subject but it’s not part of the national curriculum. RE is taught according to a locally agreed RE syllabus that’s tailored with input from the local faith community.

Where we are based, in Reading, schools follow a syllabus that’s common across several neighbouring education authorities. It is called Pan Discovery Berkshire, part of the Discovery RE group. You can find our local syllabus here

Our sessions are designed to deliver aspects of this RE syllabus. However, while the details of the RE syllabus differ across the country we believe our sessions can easily be adapted, if not used as-is, for any local RE syllabus. If you think otherwise we’d like to know – so we can do something about it.

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What others have said

Not convinced by what we’ve got to say?

Then take a look at some of the things other people have to say about REinspired. This is just some of the feedback we’ve had from church leaders, RE professionals and the school teachers and children we work with.

We would be pleased to put you in touch with the RE coordinator or head teacher of any of the schools we work with if you would like to discuss their experience of working with us.

‘Schools want the sort of partnership and involvement that REinspired has offered so brilliantly in Reading.’ – The Right Revd Stephen Cottrell, Bishop of Chelmsford

‘REinspired visits enable children to meet and hear people of faith talking about their faith. Faith moves from the abstract to the real. It is so important that when children are learning about religion they meet believers and this is what is so great about REinspired. The interactive nature of the sessions helps promote a positive picture of faith and of the subject.’ – Margaret Elcock, Primary teacher, RE coordinator and SACRE member

‘Questions that the children asked revealed how effective the input had been in opening up the subject and provided an easy opening to speak of the Christian understanding of salvation and heaven.’ – Revd Kathryn Morgan, Mission Adviser to the Baptist Union

‘All the students I have spoken to have been extremely positive (a third year student describing it as ‘the best day out’ while she’s been on the course!), and I think they did grasp that what you were sharing was eminently “do-able” – as a first year (former teacher) reported, -“not over-resourced, all possible.”‘ – Robert Ellis, Regents Park College, Oxford

‘REinspired does exactly what it says on the tin. In our schools it has given encouragement to our teachers to explore issues of faith and culture by giving living examples of faith. The work is always scrupulously researched and inclusive. They have made a tremendous contribution to RE in Reading.’ – Alfie Hay, Former General Adviser for Education to Reading Borough Council

‘Even though I’m not a Christian I think it is important to know about other people’s religions… I can’t believe Mary was only 14 when the angel came to visit her. She must have been very worried Joseph wouldn’t marry her anymore… Even though we’ve been to the church before we never do the same activities!’ – Lucy, a pupil at a school

‘A just-retired couple from a local church who have been faithful Christians all their lives started out volunteering by cutting out shapes and helping in craft activities. Over time they grew in confidence such that they began to lead some of the small group work, which meant they had to do some personal preparation in order to get across to the children the ideas behind “incarnation”, “baptism” and other such doctrinal words. They describe this process as “The best Bible study ever”.’ – Revd Dan Tyndall, Vicar of St Mary’s in Bristol

‘REinspired has really helped me to deliver the RE syllabus in school. One afternoon can cover a large part of a topic and either be the starting point for work in school or as reinforcement in a practical way for the work done in school. A big plus is how much the children enjoy it.’ – Janet Whiteman, Retired Teacher from Radstock Primary School

‘Both our last OFSTED report and our last Church School Inspection report talk about the outstanding spiritual and moral development of St Peter’s pupils. I believe that REinspired and, more particularly, every individual who represents it and works for it can quite rightly say that, through their work with our children, they have played a vital role in, and have been part of, the school achieving those standards.’ – Steve Scott, former Head Teacher, Earley St Peter’s Primary School