Initially the session explains and explores what a sign/symbol is. Children are asked to think of something that is special and holds memories or meaning for them (personal, cultural, spiritual).

In small groups children will learn about three significant Christian Symbols:

Cross/Crucifix – Link to Easter and Prayer.
Dove – Link to story of Noah & Jesus’s baptism, at the start of his ministry
Light – Link to the nature of God and Jesus, Easter Candle, Baptism Candle
Their meaning and use are explained flowed by art and craft (personal, social, cultural, spiritual).

Also see the Activity Focus Sheets for your craft.

Activity Focus Sheets

Dove Craft Yr2

Simple craft to follow on from the children learning about the Dove in the story of Noah and of the baptism of Jesus.

Candle Craft Yr2

Simple craft to represent light that they have been learning about and exploring.

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