Children consider the syllabus question and wonder what rules and codes they have in their own lives, what that looks like, and what their purpose is.

Children are then divided into smaller groups (10 children in each group) to explore three small groups based on:

1. The 10 Commandments

2. The Golden Rule

3. Forgiveness

They will use a variety of mediums and learning styles to explore the Christian rules/codes of behaviour presented.

They will also consider how they might be useful/helpful and the potential consequences of choosing not to follow them.

If time allows they will also be asked about the time they spend in the virtual world, ie gaming. Do the rules they have been learning about apply here too? What does a life (albeit a virtual one) without consequences/win at any cost/no rules, etc look like and feel like. Can it make living in the real word difficult? Are there any problems with ‘playing/living’ in the virtual world too long? Do the lines between virtual and real become blurry? Is it possible to behave in the real world as if you are still in the virtual?

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