Exploration of three of Jesus miracles. Considering what happened and what this teaches Christians about who Jesus was, his power and authority and his response to those who asked for healing.

Children will learn about and explore:

1. Jesus calming the storm (Mark4:35-41, Luke8:22-25, Matthew8:23-27) Jesus authority and power over nature.

2. Jesus heals a paralytic man lowered through the roof (Mark2:1-12, Matthew9:1-8) Asking for healing.

3. Jesus heals the Roman Centurions servant (Matthew8:5-13, Luke7:1-10) Do you have to be a Christian to receive a miracle/healing?

Biblical text is delivered using a mix of drama and bible story. Each story is then unpacked with ‘what happened’ and ‘what does this mean’ discussion and Q & A. Craft then follows plus a ‘yes/no’ sorting game.

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