What do we mean by partnership? Partnership grows out of relationship. It means working together for shared aims. It involves a growing level of accountability and commitment to each other. It certainly doesn’t mean compromising Christian beliefs or avoiding difficult issues or differences but rather facing them constructively.

Partnership between Churches involves

  • Acting together in a Christ-like way to assist with the religious education and spiritual development of all pupils in the community.
  • Pooling money and other resources to engage in a task that no individual church should undertake alone.

Partnership with Schools involves

  • Making available the skills and expertise of the local churches to enable schools to fulfil the legal requirements for the curriculum and promote R eligious Education and Spiritual Development.
  • Moving from being ‘visitors’ to ‘joint workers’.
  • Schools making a commitment of time and energy to develop and maintain relationships including the shared planning, delivery and assessment of sessions.
  • Schools being invited to make a minimum contribution to our costs and specific activities where appropriate.

Partnership with other faiths involves

  • Extending existing relationships to enable other faith groups to develop their own assistance of local schools in the Religious Education and Spiritual Development of pupils.
  • Encouraging other faith groups to work to the same educational values, show respect to other patterns of belief and be committed to serving local schools.
  • Encouraging religious leaders to work together to resolve any practical difficulties that the school might encounter.

The ‘other faiths’ with whom you might partner are the ‘core study’ faiths in the local RE syllabus with a particular focus on the faith groups most significantly represented in individual schools.