Inspiring Christian Faith in Schools

Preparations done and ready to welcome all our lovely people

“It was not a conference about God but a conference with Him”

To know more about the organisations who led our workshops please use the links at the foot of the page.

“I found out so many ideas”   “Learning about other resources for schools and churches”   “I enjoyed workshops and Kate’s talks”   “our thanks to the Trinity band in leading us in some awesome worship”
“Very good motivational talks from Kate!”   “Good encouraging speaker – Keep Jesus in Christian social work”   “Leadership is a verb not a noun”   “the prayer experiences was very helpful and inspiring”
“loved the networking opportunities”   “Lots of ideas to think about; great to hear others experiences”   “our thanks to those who did the catering – food was spot on in terms of variety and quantity”   “Thank you, lovely lunch”   “Very well organised and lovely refreshments and lunch.”
“Meeting with like-minded Christians; I don’t feel so alone!”  “Needed a longer time, especially for Godly Play!”   “Fantastic input and inspiration”
“I found the session on Governance very helpful”   “Loved the interaction in Open the Book”   “Of course it was extra special since I got to sing and jump up and down, along with 10 others willing to consider themselves primary school children for ten minutes or so”
“I found the content and delivery of the self-harm session very helpful” “Workshops on Science (LASAR project) and self-harm were brilliant”
“Interactive classroom in the car park was so helpful”   “Transformational!”   “The van is most interesting” :: View what they do here ::
“Thank you for an inspired day”   “Interesting ideas for teaching RE”   “It was very helpful the way they told the story; talking about the problem, asking questions”

“A really good day – fed my soul!”   “Brilliant – really well planned and executed”   “I have shed many tears of awe and awakening. Am on such a high!”   “Keep up the good work!”   “Very purposeful and organised – great pace.”

“Welcome pack very comprehensive and helpful”   “Thank you for putting the day together”   “Lovely to connect with others, good local conference, thanks REinspired :)”   “A lot of today was very moving because God was in everything”

We have a wide variety of session plans on our website from Foundation 1 to Year 12 – we think you’ll be inspired!

Our Workshops

We’re keeping the information of the workshops that were run at our Conference here for you to link easily to their websites.

Morning Workshops

Afternoon Workshops

1. REinspired :: Bringing Christian RE to life :: Primary & Secondary School focused sessions
1. REinspired :: Bringing Christian RE to life :: Primary & Secondary School focused sessions
2. Mike Simmonds from BIG Ministries :: Enabling Governance that transforms schools
2. iSingPOP :: Schools, Churches and Communities brought together through music
3. Open the Book :: Bringing the Bible to life for every child in every primary school
3. Open the Book :: Bringing the Bible to life for every child in every primary school
4. PrayerSpaces in Schools :: How to run a prayer space in a school
4. PrayerSpaces in Schools :: stand running throughout the day
5. Wayne Dixon, Christian Connections in Schools (CCiS) :: Secondary school focus
5. Wayne Dixon, Christian Connections in Schools (CCiS) :: sharing Scripture Union’s projects: ‘Christmas Unwrapped’and ‘It’s your Move’
6. Godly Play :: Introducing Godly Play
6. Pray for Schools :: How to pray for your local school
There is more information on each workshop in the attached leaflet.

We were so pleased that Counties’ Key to Life bus came too – Designed for Key Stage 2 primary school children, Key to Life? is a cutting-edge mobile experience which delivers elements of the RE syllabus. Using floor to ceiling touch screens, children can watch films, interact with games and quizzes and take part in small group discussions – helping them explore what Christians believe, and understand how the story of Jesus is the key to Christianity.