REinspired is formerly the Churches Together in Earley and East Reading (CTEER) Schools Project. The project has been operating since the late 1990s and it has been a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee since 2004.

As a charity, we act to advance religion, in particular the Christian religion, through education by enabling local churches to support local school communities in the religious education and spiritual development of their pupils. We began working in the areas of Earley and East Reading.

Our aim both locally and nationally is to see the spiritual development and religious education of school pupils enhanced by creative engagement with people of faith from their local community in an educational framework.

Locally, we work with 11 primary schools and three secondary schools to support the religious education and the spiritual development of their pupils. Our 80 volunteers and clergy from more than 15 CTEER (Churches together in Earley and East Reading) churches currently deliver over 60 curriculum-driven RE sessions on Christianity to local schools annually.

Beyond Earley and East Reading, we encourage and enable churches across the country to do what we do locally – through training and mentoring programmes, by equipping them with proven session plans and resources, and by building a network of local projects able to support each other and develop and share new practice.